How Simply Wild Sauces was Born


My earliest memory of experimenting with this uniquely satisfying, globally appreciated product was at the age of 18.

This burning desire, to bottle my own chilli, has been with me for 26 years. Yes 26 years of sitting on the fence. I finally took a chance, and started bottling my unique sauces.

Why Simply Wild you ask? Simply Wild was a name I vivified a few years ago, when I wanted to write a recipe book on wild game meat, whilst working for a private game lodge in the Kruger National Park. The book never materialized, however Simply Wild Chillies was born. Over the next year Simply Wild Chillies would undergo changes to its recipes, packaging and labeling, it would grow from one product into many varieties of bottled chilli`s, pesto`s, mayo`s and chutney`s. Today, Simply Wild Chillies has expanded and undergone another name change to expand its range, and is known as Simply Wild Sauces.In 2017 we grew our business and acquired a food trailer called Meat MyKitchen. You can follow us on social media if you’d like to come and taste our delicious sauces and food.

Our home based company is situated in Muldersdrift and our motto is “if you don’t like it, we don’t have it!”.

For any queries our email is or you are welcome to contact Wendy-Leigh on Cell number 083 403 2596.